They say life is a series of experiences.

Wise Advisory Group has come to understand that not only do these experiences go by much too quickly, they often unfold beyond one’s control.

Wise Advisory Group wants to have a positive impact on your life, and help you better appreciate your life experiences. Our guiding philosophy is that the currency of life is time — not money.

Our Team at Wise Advisory Group

Who We Are

We’re independent. We owe no allegiance to any bank, trust company, insurance company or any other supplier. Simply put, we make decisions based solely on what is in the best interest of our clients. We are a group of financial professionals, who have chosen to work together because as a team we believe that we can offer an elevated level of service and expertise.

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Andrea throwing Carter

How We Behave

We seek to deal with one another, and others, as we would like them to deal with us. Doing so ensures that our relationships are grounded in mutual respect and that we constantly meet and exceed our ethical, moral and legal obligations.

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What We Believe

As a Team, we each focus on our Unique Ability®, and the Unique Ability® of the professionals we often engage with on your behalf. We act as experts where we are experts, and rely on third party experts where they are most qualified to provide guidance in our shared goal to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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How We Succeed

Creating an environment of trust empowers our clients to share the dangers, opportunities and strengths before them. Together, our expertise and independence bring together all the necessary skills and solutions to implement the action steps that ensure success.

Our Team

  • One of the most important aspects of planning your financial future is ensuring you are on the same page as your spouse. This can be routinely missed, but Wise Advisory Group had guided us and made us feel comfortable so that when we retire, my wife and I are confident that we will enjoy the life we both want.

    Patrick Fletch
    Service Director, Budds' BMW Group

  • When I think of My Wealth Management Team, the first words that come to mind are “Professionalism” and “Trust”. Over the many years that I have been a client, I have always felt that Wise Advisory Group has had my best interest in the forefront of everything they do. My portfolio is not large, but I have never been made to feel small or inconsequential.

    Ensuring that my needs are met has always been their goal and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others. My future financial health is in good hands at Wise Advisory Group and I have The Team to thank for that.

    Barbara Dunn
    Aviation Safety Consultant - Vancouver, BC

  • They are quick to understand what it is that you don’t understand, and patient enough to make it clear even if it takes several attempts. They respond quickly to changes and act accordingly. Trust is something acquired though experience. They have inspired a very high level of trust based on what they have done managing my money, and communicating directly and promptly about it, rather than establishing trust through mission statements, brochures, or advertisements. It is the Jones’s that will have to keep up with them.

    Eric Mendelsohn
    University Professor - Toronto, ON

  • They uncovered dangers and opportunities I didn’t know I was facing. They make it easier and less time consuming to understand my situation.The Integrated Estate and Wealth Management Team creates, implements and manages a game plan that integrates all aspects of my financial life, such as tax, investment and estate planning – and they do what they say.

    They are unique – and they’re independent.

    Scott Luik
    CFA - Toronto, ON